2015 Goal Setting

2015 Goal Setting
Here it is, one of my resolutions for 2015 for all to see. I would love to write more blogs. I know I am about 15 years late to blogging being remotely cool and I’m definitely not interested in being popular or elevated among all the other bloggers out there. I simply want to become a better writer and I’ve been told several times that blogging helps those aspiring to write books. I am currently mapping my first book with the desire that it would be published this year (another goal for 2015)
I thought it’d be a great exercise for me to use this blog post to give resources I discussed this last Sunday and also use this resolution to generate new content as an example.
In order to develop this resolution I had to go through the steps I outlined Sunday in establishing a life plan for the new year.
Step 1: Where are you currently?
Answer: Nowhere. I think I have written 2 blog posts in the 4 years I have been in Knoxville, bringing my pace to 1 post every 24 months. I think I can improve. I also have read hundreds of books and have never written one even though I have threatened to write one several times. This last year has very little content generated by me to lead and serve others.
Step 2: What values are the most important to you this year?
Answer: Devotional Life, Family, Health, Leading Legacy, Coaching Leaders, Creating Content for Leaders
Step 3: Write a Vision Statement for the values.
Answer: (I am only doing this for Creating Content, but I have one for Health that was in the sermon Sunday)
I am a curator and creator of content that will help those and guide those who lead others whether they be business leaders, church leaders, or church planters. I enjoy teaching and coaching and feel that it fills my tank and places me where I truly enjoy my calling and glorify God effectively. I am spending adequate time polishing, nurturing, and getting coached on how to do this better than I have in the past. My heart is to produce material and methods that will outlive me and go further than me. This will means I am protecting this value and  saying “no” to many things that take me away from this goal.
Step 4: Being specific, list some realistic metrics for these values.
(1) Generate 25 blogs in 2015. They can be written anytime, but must come as close to 2x a month as possible. I must link to them in social media in a way that serves people well.
(2) Write no less than 3 hours per week, to be done mostly if not exclusively on Mondays and Fridays.
(3) Have my book’s first draft finished by April. Have the revisions finished and totally edited by August.
(4) Develop longstanding content for the planter residency that can be used and taught by others.
Step 5: Review weekly and even monthly.
Answer: For me this falls on Monday mornings
Step 6: Employ accountability for perspective and help.
Answer: I’ll have Chris Harris as accountability in blogs as he supervises Legacy’s blog content. I’ll have Matt Norman coach me through the emotional challenges of writing and birthing a book. I’ll need Kevin to help me keep it all in perspective.
There you have it. I will re-examine this not only weekly but on the week of the 4th of July I’ll take honest appraisal and make sure these goals were wise and on track, making changes where I need.
I hope this helps – feel free to leave comments and ask questions.
As promised on Sunday
Link to Richard Swenson’s work “Margin”
Link to Brian Howard’s Blog post on setting up a life plan and defining priorities. He has been super helpful to me in balancing how I set resolutions and goals.

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