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Jesus is not...

  • Jesus was not the brother of Satan – that’s just stupid
  • Jesus is not your homeboy or private little buddy, he created the atom and poured the oceans.
  • Jesus did not wear hair product or look like one of the Bee Gees.
  • Jesus more than likely didn’t wear flowing robes that were bleach white - he was a working man Jesus didn’t have girl hands, but swung a hammer for a living.
  • Jesus probably didn't look Scandinavian or Swiss.
  • Jesus is not passive aggressive or a people pleaser
  • Jesus was not soft, but knew how to work. He might have had a farmer’s tan.
  • Jesus was not “created” but, begotten, having the same substance as God himself with no beginning
  • Jesus didn’t begin his life in a manger, he “was” life before there was even creation.
  • Jesus wasn’t mostly God with a little bit of man mixed in – he was fully man as well.
  • Jesus is not contained in a 20 minute quiet time or a church camp.
  • Jesus is not a gumball machine…you know what I mean.
  • Jesus didn’t speak with a British accent. Jesus didn’t whine or complain – he endured.
  • Jesus didn’t lose on the cross – he won.
  • Jesus isn’t depending on your perfection or goodness
  • Jesus is not your employer standing by a time clock, or a principal waving a paddle around.
  • Jesus does not take sin lightly, he took it on the cross
  • Jesus won’t rescue everyone – some will never call out to him.
  • Jesus is not enamored, or amused, with the American prosperity gospel .
  • Jesus is not an absentee savior…he is coming back…on a cool white horse