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Jesus is...

  • Jesus is a revolutionary…in every sense of the word.
  • Jesus is a King of a Kingdom. This Kingdom isn't imaginary Jesus was fully God and fully man at the same time while on earth…no, we don’t know exactly how he did that.
  • Jesus was born of a literal virgin, not just a young woman – it was a miracle.
  • Jesus was perfect his whole life, even though he still grew and learned as we do.
  • Jesus came from a small insignificant town Jesus came from a small insignificant family.
  • Jesus originally worked a hard blue collar job, like his earthly dad.
  • Jesus loved and honored his family, even with everyone saying bad things about his mom and dad Although fully God,
  • Jesus deferred and followed his Father perfectly Jesus understands our temptations because he was tempted by the same, but didn't bend.
  • Jesus cried, but not about trivial matters or because he didn’t get what he wanted.
  • Jesus laughed
  • Jesus hurt
  • Jesus prayed, when it was late, when he was tempted to veg, when no one else would.
  • Jesus was laughed at and made fun of, and was tempted to quit, but did not quit.
  • Jesus loved kids – they were always around him and he encouraged it.
  • Jesus was a party guy, people were always throwing dinner parties for him.
  • Jesus smiled and talked about his dad a bunch Jesus liked to help the hurting beyond expecting a tax write off.
  • Jesus did cool things without talking about them all the time.
  • Jesus wasn’t afraid of death, he toed up to it and choked it out.
  • Jesus wasn’t “drug” to the cross, he went with boldness. He didn't trip into the cross, he tackled it.
  • Jesus paid a debt that we owed, but couldn’t pay. It was our debt – not his.
  • Jesus lived a perfect life and then traded it for our screwed up and sleazy one.
  • Jesus was the only answer to God’s perfect justice by being his perfect love for us.
  • Jesus took a punishment on the cross, not for being Himslef, but for being us.
  • Jesus went back to God’s right hand, where he had left once to enter humanity.
  • Jesus is calling you to answer all of this with your life
  • Jesus has anticipated you turning from your empty life since it began.
  • Jesus will judge the living and the dead without any regard for their life performance.
  • Jesus will judge only on the basis of our orientation to sin and him