Community Groups

The COM Group is the main environment in which we connect and grow together. It also happens to be the main vehicle from which we carry ministry to the city. In fact, our church literally began as a single COM Group (or missional community) that reached out to patrons /staff of a local bar, as well as those going to a local laundromat. 

Now, we have many of these COMs that maintain postures towards each other (fellowship) towards God (devotion/prayer/study) and towards the city (mission/service/evangelism). 

Legacy isn't a church "with" these missional communities, but a church "of" them. If you are looking to grow as a disciple, connect with other people, and truly influence and serve the city, the COM group is the venue we use for that. 

Watch the quick video below to learn more about what this group is and is not. 

Click here to see the List of COM Groups we currently have.