Church Partnership

When we speak of church "partnership" - you may be more familiar with the phrase church "membership." It's really a small semantic difference for us. We believe that all Christians are already "members" of the body of Christ (globally) but called to "partner" in local churches. 

A few times a year, we hold a four week Legacy Partnership Class, where you have the opportunity to hear about our values, history, beliefs, and why we may look and operate different than what you were used to or understood about church. This is also a time where you can ask the pastors of Legacy anything at all.

There is no obligation past this class if you are just curious about Legacy, but it is the first step to becoming a Legacy Partner. 

If you are interested in jumping into the next Legacy Partnership Class, fill out the form below. You can also check out our Events page to see if a class is currently ready for registrations. 


Partner's Class Material

Position Paper: Church Partnership

 Position Paper: Male Biblical Plurality

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