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My Story…

I was born and raised in a small West Texas town. My spiritual life was heavily influenced by my hard-working dry-land cotton farmer grandparents. They were Southern Baptists and taught me by example how to work hard all week, and how to rest hard every Sunday. Although they must have been imperfect, I never saw it, and looked up to them and their religion, even though it required starched suits, polished boots, and silence during sermons. One day, my Grandpa, or Papaw as I called him, was reading his big black King James Bible, as he often did. I finally got the nerve to ask him, “Papaw, how did you learn so much about God”? He replied, “Well, Chase…there’s a lot that I still don’t understand about Him.” It was then, at that moment, that I was first in awe of God. How could a wise old man like my Papaw, still find endless mystery in someone unless that Someone was unfathomable? I have been in awe ever since.

Years later, when I was a rebellious teenager, his pastor came to visit our home while I was walking down an alleyway a couple of blocks away and drinking some beer. He asked my parents where I was. They told him that I was somewhere in the neighborhood. He came looking for me and found me. When he asked me what I was doing, my only thought was to keep him from smelling the beer on my 12-year old breath. That’s when I first realized that God was relentlessly chasing me down.

That pastor is the man who first told me about what Jesus has done, is doing, and will do for me. My story starts there and continues to this day.

Obviously much has happened since then, but currently, I serve as the Worship Director at Legacy Church. My gorgeous wife, Charlie, and I have been married since 1993, and have four wonderful children.

My prayer for Legacy Church is…

I pray that the people of Legacy Church will stand in awe of Jesus, and realize that He is lovingly and relentlessly chasing them down.

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