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My Story…

I’ll introduce my family first: My beautiful, super fun, sweet wife, Rebecca and I have been married since 1996, and we have two remarkable kids, both uniquely different from each other, Channing and Maddox – Wow, my family is a gift from God!  We all moved to K-Town (yes, I’m hip) in 2010 to join the Legacy Church core team, and we have loved every minute of it.  Challenging? Yes, but a genuine joy.  I serve as a Pastor, and I lead a community of artists on mission.  Laboring in Legacy has been a profound blessing that is hard to articulate in words. I’m thankful.

How did I meet Jesus?  Jesus introduced himself to me through my parents. My faithful parents read God’s Word to me, sang and prayed for me from such a young age that I can’t remember ever not believing it; then, when I was 10, I surrendered; that’s when the Lord saved me. And He never let go! I went through some dark times that did real damage to my soul, and I know I hurt others too. But, like the Gospel tells us, God brilliantly used those wounds and even my own rebellion to lead me back to his kindness. Thanks Jesus.

My ministry: I have always loved art ever since my artsy third-grade teacher inspired and encouraged me. It is an often under appreciated gift God has given to us human beings. It is a vivid reflection of His creative character.  Think about it. The world is so rich with color, textures, forms, and beauty. The pleasure we get from it and our desire to make and see beautiful things are attributes of our Creator. Making art is, among many other human endeavors, a Devine activity that glorifies God. That’s why I’m leading a community of artists to grow in their talents and to serve people through art.  Our desire is to lead people to worship and enjoy Jesus through this particular facet of His character and to know Him better.

My prayer for Legacy Church is…

That by His Spirit we will lead many to Jesus.

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