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  • Sunday: 10:30am

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We can appreciate the courage it takes to try something new, especially something new where you don't know what you're getting into and everybody is a stranger. We'd love to give you a "heads-up" on what you might expect at Legacy. 


Call to Worship, Welcome, & Introduction
Worship: Hearing the Word
Worship: Singing, Communion, and Giving
Announcements and Pray of Sending


  • Series: Hero: Seeing Jesus through the book of John
  • Message: Jesus is our Escape
  • Passage: John 6:16-21
  • Speaker: Chris Harris




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Questions for Community & DNA Groups

1. What are we as a culture fearful of?

2. What should our response be to the culture around us?

3. How do we preach the gospel to ourselves (first) then to others in response to fear?

4. Who personally could you help see Jesus clearly in their fear and escape?

Questions for family

1. How as a family do we respond to fear?

2. What are some things we could do as a family to grow in our gospel response to fear?


As the church, we are a community of people because of the Gospel. Jesus glued us together when he rescued us. We are also a community of people for the Gospel, which means we live to make his legacy and name famous.

In other words, we are a community by the Gospel and for the Gospel.

COM Groups (communities on mission) are how we live real life together. They give us a chance to model and image the Gospel with each other by reconciling differences, sacrificing for each other, and entering the lives of those around us. It also gives us a chance to image the Gospel to the culture around us by entering the fray as Jesus did and demonstrating God's love as we speak of God's love. 


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