Life can grind on you. We all feel it.

Many in Knoxville long for more than tired and confusing religion. More meaning. More purpose. More depth. More for our families. And more for our city.

We believe the answer is found in Jesus.  Legacy was started with you in mind.  


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I'd love to help, serve, or give.

Many of us are in position where we can be helpful for others. We could really use your help. If you're like to find a place to serve or volunteer, click here.  If you'd like to give to our Benevolence Fund, click here. 100% of these funds are devoted to needs in the Knox Metro Area.

I'd love to process what's going on with a pastor.

Times like this can "show us our shadow" or generate questions about ourselves or God. If you'd like to talk to a pastor, click here and let us know. We'd love to meet you and be helpful. 

I'd love to find friendship and community.

Being alone isn't healthy but friends can be hard to make, and community can be hard to find. If you'd like to find both in a healthy church family, click here and let us help. 

I could use some help. 

Everyone needs help from time to time. You might be in a time like this now. Click here to let us know what kinds of needs you have and we'll do the best to help. 

I want to talk to someone about Jesus and becoming a Christian. 

We'd love to help. Contact us at  and let us know how best to get in touch with you. We're happy to answer any questions and pray with you.

The Bible is not pro-slavery

Luke Thomas | May 19, 2024

As a campus minister, one accusation I’d often hear regarding Christianity was the Bible’s endorsement of slavery. “Why would I ever follow a God that...

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Is it a happy Mother’s Day for YOU? 

Charlie Plaag | May 9, 2024

Happy Mother’s Day! Wait. Is it a happy Mother’s Day for YOU?  For some of us, it just isn’t a time of joy.  For some, a loss of the mom...

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