Life can grind on you. We all feel it.

Many in Knoxville long for more than tired and confusing religion. More meaning. More purpose. More depth. More for our families. And more for our city.

We believe the answer is found in Jesus.  Legacy was started with you in mind.  


Plan Your Visit

With the pandemic receding, our gatherings will have varying precautions. We want you to have the best sense of community while honoring others and protecting those who are immunocompromised. Click on the gathering below to see our direction and all details. 

Community Groups 

Our community groups (COM groups) can move forward with thoughtfulness and flexibility according to their comfort level. We’ve been given the freedom to meet in groups made of multiple households while being thoughtful to symptoms. Click here if you would like to be connected to a community group.  

DNA Groups 

Smaller DNA groups (2-3 people) can meet anytime with thoughtfulness to those connecting. There is nothing hindering these from growing and doing well and we strongly encourage you to take advantage of them.  To be connected to a DNA group, first find a community group (see above) or let us know here.

Sunday Gathering

- We'll continue to meet at 10:30 as usual.   

- Knox County churches that meet in schools have a more stringent policy of meeting than most  churches. We’ve been asked to operate under both state health and CDC guidelines. 

- You'll immediately find a no-touch infrared thermometer and find hand sanitizer stationed throughout. 

- Seating will be buffered by no less than 6 feet of spacing. Our facility is spacious so we’ll have no issue here.

- We’ll have masks available if you don’t own one.  We’re asking that everyone wear a mask to their seat and then back to their vehicle (entrance and egress). Once seated however, we’ll leave that decision to you. We have no desire, or ability, to police this but we’re asking you to consider those around you who have serious immunosuppressed states, comorbidities, or other unknown factors that make the virus more of a threat. 

- The environment will be sanitized before services. 

- Communion will be in individual servings and handed out before the service. 

- There will be musical worship and we will sing.  Our sanctuary is enormous and well ventilated and we’re doing more than what is required by the health department in live music venues across the city.  

    Sermon Stream

    We'll continue the live sermon stream for those who are at risk and for those who are uncomfortable returning at this time.  Our sermon will either be live or premier at 10:30 AM on Sundays as usual.  We’re going to take care of you.  

    I'd love to help, serve, or give.

    Many of us are in position where we can be helpful for others. We could really use your help. If you're like to find a place to serve or volunteer, click here.  If you'd like to give to our Benevolence Fund, click here. 100% of these funds are devoted to needs in the Knox Metro Area.

    I'd love to process what's going on with a pastor.

    Times like this can "show us our shadow" or generate questions about ourselves or God. If you'd like to talk to a pastor, click here and let us know. We'd love to meet you and be helpful. 

    I'd love to find friendship and community.

    Being alone isn't healthy but friends can be hard to make, and community can be hard to find. If you'd like to find both in a healthy church family, click here and let us help. 

    I could use some help. 

    Everyone needs help from time to time. You might be in a time like this now. Click here to let us know what kinds of needs you have and we'll do the best to help. 

    I want to talk to someone about Jesus and becoming a Christian. 

    We'd love to help. Contact us at  and let us know how best to get in touch with you. We're happy to answer any questions and pray with you.

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