Church Planting

Legacy was planted with the conviction that the fastest and healthiest way to impact and influence a city for the good of the people and the glory of God was to plant churches that will in turn, plant more healthy churches. 

It is from this conviction that we joined the Acts29 Church Planting Network in 2010 and are excited to assess, equip, and launch more planters in this Southeast region. 

It is also from this resolve that we sent our first plant (Legacy West) to Hardin Valley in October 2017. We knew we couldn't effectively capture both demographics and communities from one singular gathering place - so we'd start multiple sites focused on their immediate area. 

It is also from this conviction that we work alongside future church planters as they travel through a rigorous equipping residency and comprehensive assessment process through Acts29. 

Our hope is to plant more churches that make sense contextually to the people they reach with the goal of themselves planting more churches. 

If you are interested in speaking to someone about church planting or planting residency opportunities, please fill out the form below. 


Church Planting

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