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Encouragement for Parents during Covid-19 Quarantines and Distancing

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What a crazy week this has been! I’ve found myself mentally/physically/emotionally exhausted from the ever changing dynamics of work/home/school. All of the regular rhythms have been disrupted! Life is in kind of a chaos as each day brings a different closure or confinement. If you’re like me and love predictability and productivity, this is REALLY HARD. I feel you. I want to just invade your screen for a few minutes to encourage you that I believe this can be a super sweet time for our families. For the first time in our lives (and maybe the only time), the world is telling us to cancel all of our plans and stop. stay home. be with our people. It’s a sort of forced sabbath that many of our weary selves are probably needing whether we know it or not. No question our friends and neighbors need it too. So while we scavenge for milk and TP and try to make sure our parents understand what it means that they really shouldn’t be leaving their house, let’s not let these days get away from us. 

Cast a vision for your time: Be thinking about the end of all this (not the end of the world, the end of the Covid confinements!) in 2, 4, who knows how many weeks. What would your family hope to take away? This could be a subject of prayer, but let’s not just “survive” with our kids through this time one Disney+ viewing at a time. Maybe you’ve been needing 1:1 time with one of your children who is struggling emotionally, maybe there is a lot of tension in a relationship that needs to be worked on, or maybe you’ve desired that your family just had more spontaneous fun time together. Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom. My encouragement is that you’d consider these three things as you go about your days- Work TOGETHER, play TOGETHER, rest TOGETHER!

Work together

No doubt we live in an entertainment culture where our first thoughts related to having prolonged family time are along the lines of “How in the world will I keep them entertained?! I understand totally but I’d like to challenge that in all of us by reminding you that children spell Love T-I-M-E. It’s not quality time like we are so prone to thinking, but quantity time that their hearts crave. So, invite them into your world as much as you can. The show must go on, and there are lots of dishes, loads of laundry that need to be done. Do it together! Put music on and dance to the dishes and fold laundry while someone reads a story out loud or you watch a show. We’ve got some fun resources coming your way for media to use. If your work allows it, bring them for part of the say or if you’re working from home make a little “office” for a child to sit beside you and do “work.” Letting them watch us in our attitudes toward the daily work of our lives teaches them so much about the work in theirs! 

Play together

What’s a special or fun adventure your family can do together during this time? It could look like cooking new recipes for dinner at night, planting a little garden or taking a bike ride together before meal time. I’m planning on having some tea parties for lunch or porch picnics when it’s not raining. This is a great time to break out of your normal mold and be a little spontaneous. 

Rest together

I want to encourage you to embrace your world slowing down. A restless heart can still be busy busy even when quarantined for COVID 19! Work and play are so good, but God made us needing rest. Personally, resting reminds me that the world still turns on it’s axis without me! Rest for your family might look like some time together watching TV (Yes- I said it. Don’t tell anyone). Screen time together is totally different than dropping an ipad in front of the kids and walking away (which-shhh- I’ve done that too). You can laugh about it, talk about it together and have some great conversations. Rest may also look like eating off of paper plates or getting frozen pizza so that you have time to play candyland or go for that bike ride I was talking about before. All the grace for that too! 

Finally, as you think about what these things look like in the coming days and weeks, plan out your time. Kids especially, but parents too, need structure to feel safe and secure. That’s why they’re so nuts when they’ve been at their grandparents or out of school for a few days! Sit down and write out a doable daily schedule for your time together. Then put it up somewhere that they can see it and be excited for it! Personally this type of thing helps me be accountable too so the desires of my heart can get worked out in real time. 

We are praying for you guys and are excited to see how God is going to work through these crazy times not just in the world but in our families. Share your adventures with us on social media or group texts!

COVID-19 Update (3.16)

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COVID-19 Update

In compliance with the strong recommendations of national, state, and local leaders, all gatherings are canceled until further notice. This includes Sunday worship gatherings, missional community groups, Bible studies, corporate prayer times, and all other activities related to the church. 

Why have we canceled everything?

We are acting out of an abundance of caution and submission to the authorities where God has placed us. Informed and involved leaders from various entities have asked that all gatherings larger than 50 be canceled. (Center for Disease Control: 3.15.20) The purpose of the preemptive closures of all gatherings is to “flatten the curve,” slowing the spread of the illness and limiting the number of new cases at any one time so that our healthcare system is better able to care for those who are critically ill. By eliminating the sources of potential contagion that our gatherings could cause, we are loving and serving our neighbors, especially those who are most at risk. We are a church on mission, and this is an act of love to those who can be harmed by transmission among large gatherings. 

Is it okay to feel extremely frustrated by this?

Sure. We’re sad to have to cancel everything. It was a decision that we came to after a lot of information, discussion, and prayer. It’s absolutely acceptable to be upset and frustrated at all the various cancellations and also be understanding of the reasons and appreciative of the efforts and responses. 

Is the church able to provide anything during this shutdown?

Absolutely! We are working hard behind the scenes to plan and execute on some ways to maintain our community even when we can’t gather together. For Sunday, we will have a sermon run online that will later be on our website. We highly encourage you to worship in your own home. Our staff and pastoral team will also continue to meet (by video) to continue discussing and planning how we can be creative with ways to keep everyone connected and encouraged during this time. 

What happens next?

That’s a great question, and one we don’t have an answer for just yet. The news changes minute to minute and we are responding as quickly and prayerfully as we can. We hope to have some decisions made early next week and we promise to keep communicating with you. 

What if I have questions or need something?

Please reach out to us if you have a question or a need. Someone will always be available to talk to you or help you. You can reach us at That email address is always monitored and your request will be sent to the appropriate person.

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